AMTaylorART – Upbeat Stationery to Make You Smile

Feeling a little lost in the hustle of life? Are you missing out on the closeness with others? When was the last time you really smiled a genuine, feel it in your soul kind of smile? If any of this is giving you the feels, I hear ya!

Society’s more is better mentality has made us over-stimulated, over-worked and over-tired and also kind of lonely, right? Our personal connections with other people have been replaced with online connections and text messages. Those real good conversations, and genuine caring moments are becoming few and far between.

But have you heard?

There has been a movement back to the slower times when we did not need to always be on the go and with that a push back to handmade goods. This movement is headed by the people who are yearning for the simplicity and intimacy of their grandparents’ time, like you and me.

AMTaylorART wants to help this movement

We are creating connections with people through our upbeat and handcrafted greeting cards that are guaranteed to make you smile.