What is Illustration Friday

“Illustration Friday is a weekly art challenge that is super fun and inspiring! And along with that it happens to be an eye-catching blog and a lively, supportive online community that has been growing since 2003.” –Illustration Friday (IF)

Each Friday they post a word on their homepage, as well as social media, and ask for submissions based on the topic. Amateur and professional artists and illustrators then let their imagination go wild while creating fun pieces which they are able to upload to IF’s home page. Then during the course of the week, the best art of the week is featured.

Why I like it?  Sometimes I find myself in a rut. Either what I am creating seems uninspired, or I just find myself not creating at all. Life and the administrative stuff involved in being a business owner takes too much of my attention and it is easy to say..oh, I’ll just draw something up tomorrow.

With IF, it gives me a deadline. I must create something by Thursday each week. Often this is all I need to get the creative juices flowing and what might have started as just an illustration to post on the blog can turn into several ideas for greeting cards down the road.

Want to learn more or participate in the weekly challenge? Check out Illustration Friday‘s website here.

Check out what I have come up with this year.

Illustration Friday- Wheels

This weeks Illustration Friday topic was Wheels. In preparation for an upcoming car and motorcycle show that I will be selling at, I created this one for this weeks topic. It’s nice when the week’s topic can do double duty for me. If you want to learn more about Illustration Friday check out this post.

For more info or to participate in the weekly illustration challenge go to IllustrationFriday.com