AMTaylorART – Handmade with Love

AMTaylorART wants to help the movement of reconnecting with people by creating conversations through our upbeat and handcrafted greeting cards that are not only made with love but are guaranteed to make you smile.

Our greeting cards, stationery and prints all start out as hand-drawn illustrations. Perhaps the sketch started as something doodled while watching Survivor or inspired by a recent trek to “the happiest place on Earth”. It takes on a life of its own as colour is added and it gets prepared for printing. Each greeting card is printed in studio, cut, folded, and packaged by hand.

The resulting product is a gift that has meaning. Your friends and family will feel touched that you took such effort to source a gift that has been handmade especially for them by a real artist, as opposed to a factory produced “big box-store” item. And you will also feel great knowing that you supported a small, local business and artisan and gave a gift that is not only unique but meaningful. Why not give those close to you the smile that they can feel in their soul?

Wanna share a smile? It’s waiting just around the corner.



Ashley Taylor – The Artist behind the ART

Ashley Taylor had been working with a variety of media in her home studio in Orangeville, Ontario until recently when she took her passion on the road.  Alongside her husband and 2 daughters, she can now be found gathering inspiration around North America.  She enjoys travelling (kind of a Disney-junkie), the outdoors (❤ summer afternoons lakeside) and DIY projects. She finds inspiration in the little things in life. Walking with her kids gives her the time to slow down and reconnect with her girls and herself, igniting her creative spark. She loves to learn new techniques and work with new materials, never passing up an opportunity to broaden her horizons. One day, Ashley hopes to write and illustrate a children’s book and learn photography.

To read more check out her About Page.